Balagrae Ltd

Medical Suppliers & Diagnostic Assay Developers

Balagrae Ltd specialises in the field of marketing and distributing of medical products as well as developing point of care testing (POCT) devices. It is managed by a professional team of expertise, who is equipped with highly scientific knowledge and proper communication skills.
Balagrae deals mainly with British medical suppliers, which are licensed and regulated by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Balagrae operates in the Libyan markets and complies with the Libyan Food and Drug Control Centre (LFDCC) regulations, which require all suppliers to have licenses or hold certified distribution agents. Balagrae will open new pipelines that will supply the Libyan markets with various pharmaceutical and healthcare products at the most competitive prices without compromising on quality. It has well-organized network for marketing and distributing, which is capable of serving the entire country.


At Balagrae, we have a strategic alliance with various medical suppliers; hence, we can offer you the products (pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical and cosmetic) at unbeatable prices without compromise on quality. On receiving your enquiry, or placing an order, we will source price and oversee its delivery, making sure you get what you need quickly and cost-effectively. We also have a stock policy that always requires from us to keep a minimum stock of certain standard products so that we can provide our clients with the security of supply in a timely manner. Should you require product to be customised, then there is no problem in doing so.
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Amoxicillin 500mg Capsule 21 BR
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Atenolol 100mg Tablet 28 BR
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Atenolol 50mg Tablet 28 BR
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Ibuprofen 200mg (Pink) Tablet 84 BR
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Fluconazole 150mg Capsule 1 BR
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Lisinopril 5mg Tablet 28 BR
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Metformin 500mg Tablet 28 BR
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Sildenafil 50mg F/C Tablet 8 BR

About Us

Mission & Vision

  • To supply medical products to the Libyan health sector for customer satisfactions by creating harmonious supplying pipelines and healthcare services of great quality.
  • To play a leading position in the field of health services and to establish mutual relationships with the active industrials and stakeholders.
  • To play an important role in the development of the healthcare sector, by adding value to our society and business partners.


Research and development